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Here at New Life, we invest a lot of time and resources into making sure we have the best kids’ ministry that we possibly can.  We believe our kids are not just the next generation, they are part of our family now, and they are a critical part of how we do church.


Half of our building has been dedicated to our kids. We have several rooms that have been specifically designed and coordinated for the age groups they hold. Scroll through the images below to read more about the kids’ area.

Our environment is secure and safe. Nobody enters the kids’ area without going through the “Check-In” station first. All adults and children must check-in at the table and receive a printed label that helps associate each child to their guardian that brought them. For safety, each child may only leave with the person who dropped them off.

Our kids’ area is also monitored with a host of security cameras in each room, which can be viewed by a TV screen near the “Check-In” station. If you are feeling uneasy, you can watch what is happening in the various classrooms on the TV monitor.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is especially for our K-1st graders. It is a great space for transition from the preschool classroom to The Loft. Kids will begin their experience in a smaller group of their peers, but will attend the elementary service in The Loft with the older elementary children. Then, they return to their classroom for a discussion and activity about what they just heard.

The Nursery

Babies are important to us.  We work hard to have plenty of background-checked staff that have years of experience working with children, so you can enjoy service without having to worry about your children.  We maintain a clean environment that is safe and inviting.

Market Hallway (Pre-School)

Preschoolers meet in their classroom in our “Market” hallway. They will have a blast playing with friends, enjoying a snack, singing songs, learning from curriculum designed just for them, and completing a craft or activity to reinforce the story and theme of the month.

The Loft

The Loft is our main kids’ auditorium.  This is where everyone in 2nd grade – 6th grade hangs out on a regular basis.  There is plenty of room for energentic games and even some fun dancing during worship.

Who’s Working with My Kids?

We have a faithful team of 80+ volunteers that serve on a weekly basis to ensure that your children are all safely monitored, as well as interacted with while they are at New Life.  They are not just baby-sitters, but trained volunteers and teachers that have a big heart for what they do.

All of our kids and youth volunteers and staff must pass our background checks prior to them joining the team.  They are trained by qualified individuals on how to help your child connect with other kids and connect with God.

Meet Pastor Ashley

Pastor Ashley is a tremendous leader in our children’s area.  She works hard every week to manage the 80+ volunteers and make sure we are always maintaining a safe environment and improving in all areas.  Click below to Connect with Pastor Ashley.


What We Teach

At New Life, we use the Orange curriculum to teach our different age groups. Orange is one of the most known and trusted resources available, and uses wide ranges of creativity and resources to help teach kids about Jesus. We like Orange because it also helps to connect you as the parent to what your child is learning at church via mobile device applications and content on their website.

What We Do

New Life Kids are busy all year with fun activities.  Click on the images below to read more about some of our more common activities.

Summer Block Party


Every year we have Summer Block Party at New Life.  It’s a week long event that operates for two hours each evening that centers around bringing together kids from every age group to learn about God and have fun.

GLOW Party

GLOW logo white background

During the Halloween season, we celebrate a fun event called the GLOW Party.  We encourage kids to come dressed as their favorite Halloween character, and we light up New Life with fluorescent coolness.

Dry Gulch Camp


Camp is a once in a lifetime style experience.  Every year New Life Kids travel to Dry Gulch camp in Pryor Oklahoma.  Dry Gulch provides a superior camp experience for all of our kids to have fun and spend a week learning about God.

Get Involved

We are always looking for awesome people to help us!  If you are interested in joining the team, click the image to the right.


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