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Why Connect Groups?

New Life believes strongly in Connect Groups. Connect Groups provide the opportunity for individuals to make connections that are not always easy to make during a service. It is our passion to funnel as many people into Connect Groups as possible, believing that it will create life-long friendships and bring people closer to God.

What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are smaller groups of individuals (usually 6-12) that meet on a regular basis to create an opportunity for people to connect with each other and with God. At times, these Connect Groups are centered around a common theme or hobby, but not always. There are groups that study books, particular bible studies, and even some that discuss what was presented in the message from the previous New Life service.

How Do I Get More Info?

– Some of our Connect Groups are open all year, while others revolve on a seasonal schedule. New groups are forming all of the time, so be sure and inquire about a group below.

Meet Pastor James

Pastor James does an excellent job at training up Connect Group leaders and getting New Lifers plugged into the right group for them.  He is always looking for ways to grow and expand this critical ministry at New Life.  Click below to Connect with Pastor James.


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