Teaching and Student Ministries Pastor – Ryan Goeden

My story started during a day when adversity was in the land because the Pharaoh issued an edict demanding that all newborn males were to be put to death.  My mother (Linda) would not submit to the evil demands of Pharaoh and kept my birth a secret.  The secret could only be kept so long and for fear of her and my life, Linda coated a basket with tar and bitumen and placed me in the Missouri river.  As luck would have it Pharaoh’s daughter was bathing in that same river…

Oh wait, that is Moses’ story (kind of).  I have spent a majority of my life in or around the Queen City.  I graduated from Ozark High School and went to college at what is now known as Evangel University.  I married the love of my life Joanna in 2007, and we have one child: Jack.  I have been on the New Life team since January 2012.

Ryan is responsible for:

  • Managing, planning, and executing weekly New Life Student Services and SMS
  • Overseeing volunteer staff responsible for teaching and mentoring students
  • Planning and executing annual events such as camp and convention
  • Overseeing the college ministry at New Life
  • Managing and planning a budget for New Life Students
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